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The Power of Water

Solaris Hydrobotics develops and sells water-powered, autonomous robots for cleaning the solar panels of agricultural fields and rooftops, commercial rooftops, small solar fields, and floating PV systems. Our autonomous cleaning robots help ensure the successful use of solar power as a renewable energy and prevent the accumulation of dirt, dust, and bird droppings that reduce PV electricity production by up to 85%. 

Our patented technology uses water to propel the robotic cleaners, rotate the cleaning brushes, and wash away the dirt—all without harming the PV panels. Without the need for electrical motors or costly support structures, the Solaris autonomous robots cost significantly less than other solutions and make daily cleaning affordable. 

Solaris was founded in 2019 and is located in Herzliya Pituach, Israel.

Image by Matthew Hume
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Tamir Sagie

A manager with three decades of experience, specializing in renewable energy, software, the Internet of Things, and data analytics. Tamir can motivate teams to achieve company goals and strategy. He has an AA degree in photography from  the Hadassah College in Jerusalem and a certificate in  object-oriented programming.

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Ehud Nagler CTO

Inventor of the Hydrobotic motor and a serial entrepreneur in the field of renewable energy, with additional expertise in mechanics and plastics. Ehud set up his first startup and Hydrobotic motor 20 years ago during a sabbatical from Rafael, where he was a chief developer and department head. He has a BSc in mechanical engineering from the Technion.


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Menashe Shamir

Veteran developer and leader in many technical fields, from military systems and technologies to consumer products. Menashe has extensive experience at all levels of establishing and running an industrial company with an emphasis on particularly large technologies and machining.

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Elhanan Gutorov
R&D Mechanical Engineer

Elhanan is part of the R&D team and serves as a Project and Process Manager at the company.

He has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Ariel University and holds an energy commissioner certificate from the Israeli Ministry of Energy.

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